Please pray for marriage – regardless of gender

The UK Parliament will vote on Tuesday 5th February on legislation to give legal recognition to same-sex marriages in England and Wales.Supporters of equal marriage will be praying for it on the Sunday beforehand.We’re asking you to take a moment to pray about the issue at 12.00 noon (or at another time if you find it more appropriate). We’re also asking churches to pray for marriage equality in their Sunday services. You can click here to visit Facebook and add your name to those who will pray.

We will pray for:

  • All marriages and similarly committed, loving relationships, regardless of the gender of those involved.
  • The success of legislation to give equal marriage rights to same-sex couples.
  • God’s forgiveness for any occasions on which we have promoted prejudice against same-sex couples, whether by word, deed or silence.
  • God’s guidance for all those affected by this issue and involved in debates on it, whatever their views.

The event is supported by Queers for Jesus and by Christians for Equal Marriage as well as a number of individuals, including Christians and people of different faiths.

May we treat those who disagree with us with love and humility, while standing up firmly for love and marriage as principles that are greater than social convention and legalism.


One thought on “Please pray for marriage – regardless of gender

  1. I want to ask people on this site. to keep in their mind and thoughts women who are survivors of the Magdalene Laundries in Ireland
    who were incarcareated into these hell holes of religious institutions under the care of religious orders of the Cartholic church. during the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s.
    these women were single parents. forced to hand over their babies. into the care of the religious orders. condemned fromthe pulpits of the Churches. silenced humiliated and abused. slave labour was to become apart of their lives in these hell holes of institutions.
    after many years of denial of justice. a independent commissionwas set up. to investigate the reality and truth about the reality of the lives of these women.
    the chair-person of this comissionis thehusband of the ex President of Ireland. he is also an ex senator.
    Tuesday 5 February. 2013. the comissions findings will be presented to the Irish Minister of Justice. and members of the Government cabinet. one has to stand in solidarity in the dignified manner of these women.

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