Queer Christians give thanks for success of same-sex marriage bill

Although Queers for Jesus is mainly a blog and discussion site, we’re very keen on ensuring that queer, radical and Christian voices are heard in the media. Today we have issued the following news release:

Queer Christians are celebrating a vote in the House of Commons in favour of legalising same-sex marriage in England and Wales. But they warned that anti-equality comments during the debate show that the battle is far from over and that Christians need to speak up clearly for equality.

Queers for Jesus – who run a collective blog site exploring gender, sexuality and religion – said that the issue should not be presented as a dispute between religion and gay rights. Many of them demonstrated outside Parliament, singing hymns and praying as well as displaying banners alongside people of other religions and none. They thanked several Christian MPs for backing equal marriage.

They welcomed the fact that several faith leaders had spoken at an event in Parliament today calling for radical changes to the world’s financial systems. Queers for Jesus see the campaign for equal marriage rights as part of the same struggle for a more just and less sinful world.

Emma Anthony, a Christian youthworker in a same-sex relationship, joined the demonstration outside Parliament. Afterwards she said:

“It’s a very good day for equality. For some people, a life-changing decision has been made. I think there is no possible way that Jesus would have voted against this bill. We have to do what Jesus would do if Jesus still had an earthly body.”

Other demonstrators included Symon Hill, a Christian writer who in 2011 walked from Birmingham to London as a pilgrimage of repentance for his former homophobia. He said:

“This is great news for all supporters of equality, including many Christians. Opponents of equal marriage must not be allowed to hide behind the claim that they are defending Christianity. Jesus modelled relationships based on love and justice – much harder than following a set of rules. Jesus motivates many people to work for a more just and less sinful world – campaigning against inequality, war and government cuts. We’ve heard lots from anti-equality Christians. It’s vital that pro-equality Christians speak up just as clearly.”


5 thoughts on “Queer Christians give thanks for success of same-sex marriage bill

  1. jemima101 says:

    A well worded press release. One of the things I found especially heartening today was those Christian MPs who stood up and said their understanding of a tolerant and loving Jesus meant they were for the bill.

    I started keeping count, but children intervened, but it was very noticeable how Christians for the bill mentioned personal faith and a relational attitude, whereas antis rarely mentioned their personal faith, even while using it as a reason for voting against.

  2. annebrooke says:

    We straight Christians are also rejoicing! And we entirely agree with David Lammy’s wonderful comment: “Equal marriage is not a violation of Christian values. It is their triumph.” Exactly!

  3. Phil Groom says:

    Thank you. As you say, the fight is far from over: the next step, I guess, is to lobby for equal availability of marriage: to persuade the C of E to change its canon law and open its doors to LGBT people. As a member of the C of E it grieves me to see the muleheadedness of those in authority who remain opposed despite the wishes of most of us in the pews.

  4. this morning Monday. 25 February. the homophobic closet queen. Catholic Cardinal of Glasgow. Keith o Brien. who was on his way to the Vatican, to elect a new Pope has resigned

  5. Colin says:

    Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God?

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