Queers for Jesus is a collective blog containing posts from people who consider themselves to be queer followers of Jesus. We do not feel that we are just reflecting the values of secular liberalism, but going beyond them, advocating for a radical inclusivity that follows the example of Jesus, who consistently challenged the dominant values of his society. Contributors will respond to current issues in the news, and also reflect on personal, political and ethical questions raised by being a queer disciple of Jesus.The site’s editors and writers do not necessarily agree with each other on all subjects and they are committed to dialogue with those who disagree. Comments (other than abusive ones) are welcome from those with different views.

If you have questions, thoughts or would like to contribute to Queers for Jesus, please email us at queersforjesus@gmail.com.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. defh6 says:

    I am living in Dublin Ireland. I am gay. interested in Liberation theology polilitical solidairty and social justice issues. I am a member of a small Franciscan Community of women and men

  2. symonhill says:

    Hi defh6. Thanks for your comment. If you’re interested in writing for Queers for Jesus, please drop us a line at queersforjesus@gmail.com. Thanks!


  3. Phil Groom says:

    Good to find you: keep up the good work — grace and peace, courage and strength to you all!

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