‘Queerness is not about who you sleep with, it’s about how you see the world’ – Chris

Queer is not about who you sleep with: gay, bisexual and straight people can be queer,
as well as people with other sexualities. Queer is also broader than sexuality; being in
polyamorous relationships can be queer, practicing BDSM can be queer. People who are
transgender, genderqueer, intersex or non-binary can be queer. Queer is an anti-label in
that it is meaningful to many people who use it, but that meaning varies from person to
person. It is not exclusive and no one group has the authority to define what it means.

Having said that, we believe that there are ways of seeing the world that are queer. As
an outlook, queerness is opposed to heteronormativity, the structures and attitudes that
define ideal genders, sexualities and relationship statuses and label any others inferior.
Political queerness states its opposition to these oppressive norms, challenges the
confining and unfair systems that perpetuate them, and offers an alternative to being
measured against them.


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